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Reclaimed Breakfast Table Downtown

October 30, 2011

I am currently building a breakfast table on a pedestal for a couple who have bought a small house off Hillcrest near Downtown.  The house is being renovated and added on to and the table will slide into built in benches in the kitchen.

The wood is reclaimed 150 year old oak beams from a warehouse in Greenville, SC.

The lumber was a true 2×6 and I planed the wood just enough to remove the roughness.

I am using a cross design bottom to the base.  By using 2 whole pieces and routing out the centers, the 2 pieces fit together snuggly and provide excellent sturdiness.

The two sections are clamped and glued and left to dry.

The next piece is the post.  I had a 6X6 oak beam which I  planed  down to 5X5 and rounded the edges.  I attached the post to the bottom with glue and lag bolts.

The next step was to add side supports.

I used the rest of the 6X6 beams to cut out four triangle braces and glued and bolted them in place.

I then added extra support with wood dowels.

I added a 3/4 ” plywood sub base to hold the top and applied 3 coats of antique white lacquer to the base.

The next post will show the top and the finishing process.

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